rebreather live on KSER photo by Rob Emery

To map unusual directions in improvisation, I seek out unusual instruments, sites, contexts – and fellow artists to share the journey. There are no soloists or discernible moments where one person comes to the fore. I collaborate to become (part of) someone else.

The small sampling of work here is guided by intuition and collective listening. There are no scores, charts, or preplanning, except for the occasional agreed-upon dictum, such as “Don’t injure the silence,” made famous by Doug Haire.

I also (re) invent instruments, such as the flap-o-phone and my random-reversible turntable as well as rewire pieces of junk which sometimes sputter, smoke, and sing too haphazardly to be called “circuit-bent.”

Favorite Intermissions documents improvisations by orchestra musicians, who during intermission improvise in autonomous groups which coalesce and diverge (sometimes by leaving the stage) on a moment’s notice.


Seattle Phonographers Union live in Portland September 16, 2004 

Seconded (live collaboration with Stefan Tcherepnin) 

rebreather live at the Seattle Improvised Music Festival June 30, 2002



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