Teaching is essential to my art. I teach what I make: Vintage electronic music; software-based systems composition with AudioMulch and MAX/MSP; classic analog synthesis; installations; performance art; handmade instruments; databending & sonification; live improvisation, music journalism; and of course, my beloved acoustic music.

The classroom not only keeps me connected to the fundamentals undergirding my work, but also generates ideas, questions, and compositions that spur research and exploration.

CD teaching at Western Washington UniversitySince 2010, I have served as a Visiting Artist, Lecturer, and Visiting Assistant Professor at over a dozen schools, colleges, and universities, including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cornish College of the Arts, the University of Washington, University of Montana, Western Washington University, NOVA High School, and the College of William & Mary.

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Music/Sound from Bard College and a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College.


Classes, modules, and workshops taught (syllabi and course outlines available by request)

Students try analog granular synthesis - photo by David Dossett

Students perform analog granular synthesis with rice, beans, and other objects – photo by David Dossett

  • Live Sound & Audio Production
  • Fundamentals of Electronic Music
  • Sound Design & Synthesis
  • Video Editing, Effects, and Composition
  • Introduction to Field Recording, Soundscape Composition, and Phonography
  • Advanced Topics in Field Recording
  • Experiments in  Music
  • Performance Art
  • Music, Sound Design, and Science Fiction
  • Music Theory I & II
  • Sound Design for Multimedia
  • Writing Loud: Music Journalism
  • Live Performance with Electronics (circuit-bending, scavenged instruments, synthesizers, software, etc.)
  • Composition (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Advanced Digital Audio Techniques (spectral inscription, software-based systems composition, EI, granular synthesis, databending, etc.)
classroom experimentation with a hydrophone - photo by David Dossett

classroom experimentation with a vintage ultra-sensitive hydrophone – photo by David Dossett

I also present workshops about my work:

  • Favorite Intermissions and other New Directions in Improvisation
  • Found Soundscapes: Investigating the Interstitial
  • [Your city or school] Phonographers Union: Collective Improvisation with Field Recordings
  • The Moving Microphone: Field Recording as Site-Specific Performance
  • Fair Use Music: A History of Quoting, Sampling, and other Sonic Appropriation
  • Build a flap-o-phone (construction and improvising with a cardboard record player)


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