Found soundscapes excavate field recordings inadvertently made in overlooked environments such as recording studios, broadcasts, and live performances.

Below the written pitches of Brian Ferneyhough’s Superscriptio for solo piccolo
Below the written pitches spectrally extracts sound beneath the written pitches of Brian Ferneyhough’s Superscriptio for solo piccolo to reveal recording anomalies, latent undertones, and mechanical noises.


of silences intemporally sung: Luigi Nono’s Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima
fermatae from Fragmente-Stllle, an Diotima
Unlike most of my music, this piece is meant to be heard only on compact disc. A limited edition album of this found soundscape was released by reductive music.

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C-SPAN Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2009

Download the entire piece free from and/OAR.

design by Dale Lloyd

I captured this found soundscape from C-SPAN immediately after the inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United States of America on January 20, 2009.

Canny (and, alas anonymous) C-SPAN director(s) and camera ops captured shifting crowds, broadcast glitches, and supposedly “off-mike” comments, all of which mingle with the pageantry, power, and telling truncations (“I’m a lefty,” says Obama offhandedly) of the event.

Culled with no internal edits or processing, and/OAR released this free mp3 album with the cover (at left) designed by Dale Lloyd in the spring of 2009.


Open Carrier: Citywide One Manhattan

What is an open carrier?

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